Portable Pet Water Bottle
Portable Pet Water Bottle

Portable Pet Water Bottle

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Dog Water Dispenser Portable Bottle

Keep your furry babies hydrated all throughout the day without the fuss and the mess using the portable dog water dispenser. Perfect for traveling with your pets, you can effectively hydrate your pet animals using the easy to use dog water dispenser. Perfect for a summer drive with your furry love, you can enjoy the trip with your pet without having a watery mess in the car from your dog’s water bowl. Also suitable for cats, this water feeder is compatible with both cats and dogs. This unique pet water bottle is ideal for walking your dog and traveling with them. Practical and convenient to carry, the dog water dispenser is also designed in an easy to carry bottle design. Perfect for people on-the-go and those who love to take their pets with them.

Easy To Carry and To Use

Can be used single-handedly, the dog water dispenser is perfectly convenient that you don’t need two hands to operate it. Available in 380ml capacity, the bottle can surely hydrate your beloved pets adequately. To use, just flip the small button to the right to open the bottle. Then push the big button in the middle to dispense the water into the fully open water tank. It’s that simple. When finished, close the bottle properly by flipping the small button back to the left. This locks the container properly so that water won’t spill and flow out.

Great Design

Available in pink and green, you can choose the perfect color for your animals. Made of superior quality BPA-free plastic material, the bottle is food-safe, antibacterial and FDA approved. Besides, you rest assured that your pets are hydrated using non-toxic materials that can be harmful to their health. Spill-proof and leak-proof, the bottle cap also includes a silicone covered ring that doesn’t spill the contents of the bottle on the back seat of your car or in your bag. Easy to clean and maintain, you can detach all the pieces and clean them using running water and a mild cleanser.