FuzzYard Voltage Reversible Dog Bed - Large

FuzzYard Voltage Reversible Dog Bed - Large

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FuzzYard Voltage Reversible Dog Bed

The design of FuzzYard Voltage Reversible Dog Bed is filled with FuzzYard's special feather soft filling. Its reversible features allow you to switch its colour to match your mood. It is easy to match the colour to suit your home design. This bed not only keeps your dog nice and warm but it is also easy to maintain.

  • Please use a gentle machine while washing this dog bed.
  • It is recommended to place this in a washing bag if machine washing. Do not use with a washing machine that has an agitator with it.
  • Please use cold water and do dry flat. Do not iron nor dry clean. This dog bed should also not be washed with bleach.

  • FuzzYard
    Founded in 2003, FuzzYard is now an established company selling a wide variety of pet products worldwide. Although relatively young in the Australian scene, FuzzYard products can be readily found in stores like Harrods of United Kingdom (UK), as well as pet boutiques across North America, Europe and even in Asia! FuzzYard exemplifies a combined synergy of aesthetic appeal, and manufacturing excellence by creating a unique product experience for your canine companion.